Ryu Seung-beom movie giveaway

This little blog is three months old today (yup, we’re a wee one) and to celebrate, here’s our second movie giveaway.

Would you like to win an English-subtitled DVD of Conduct Zero? Simply answer the following question (in as many words as you wish):


Post your answer in the comment box below by April 26, 2009. A pal will help me select the winning entry and I will announce the winner in a separate post.

I’m really looking forward to your participation. Thank you!


11 thoughts on “Ryu Seung-beom movie giveaway

  1. I have nothing much to prattle about RSB since I only watched one of his projects but I post this just for the the fun of it 🙂

    Ah, who is this Ryu Seung-beom, I used to wonder? Totally zero idea of him until I watched Sunlight Pours Down. My main purpose was to watch only Song Hye Kyo but this guy sort of burged in and I couldn’t help but to pay a wee bit of attention to him. From what I gathered from Sunlight fans, some did not fancy him to end up with SHK character in the drama (even though the ending is open-ended) simply for the realistic or shallow reason that he is NOT good looking! Subconciously, that is how I felt too about his look but then I was more intrigued by his acting than his look because I find him to be very down to earth, transparent, natural and animated – like what you see is what you get :).

    At that time I was thinking, if this guy is acting with SHK, he must be a good actor. (‘cos SHK was lucky to always acted with so many stellar actors.) Thus I decided to do some background check on him and learned that this guy is very talented and so is his director brother Ryu Seung Wan. They both love to explore into their directing and acting skills etc. One such project is No Blood No Tears which I didn’t quite like but watched for the love of JDY.

    I guess he is unique in that even though it has been a while since I watched Sunlight, but his acting and facial expression leaves a lasting impression in my mind. Yeah, I really have nothing much to say about him but I must say that he seems to be a very adventurous actor ‘cos every time I came across any picture or DVD cover of his wacko face, it just spells R.I.O.T.

    Rejoicing with you for the 3 months celebration, Thundie 🙂

  2. I have never seen any of Ryu Seung Bum’s projects…but I have seen his pictures…and heard of him (mostly from your blog). I might as well just give it a try. For the fun!

    Ryu Seong Beom is unique because:

    1. He can look awesome in any crazy, fugly, eccentric (or whatever you call it) get-up. Seriously. He can wear a t-shirt and formal pants and still look amazingly good..

    2. Only he can pull off the crazy ahjumma hairstyle; or better, ANY hairstyle.

    3. He has an equally quirky partner, Gong Hyo Jin, who happens to share the same liking for weird and cool fashion (and still manage to look good in ’em)AND, who looks just like him when they let their hair down.. 0_0

    4. He doesn’t give a damn on how the public perceives of his weird fashion (at least that’s what I think)..

    5. Erm…cos he looks awesomely attractive and smeeexxxy in this picture..

    Ermm..that’s all from me. ^_^

  3. Janie and ripgal,

    AWESOME answers!! Our poor judge is going to have a tough time picking the winner, haha. (And thank you for participating. *muah*)

    Nine more days. Let’s have more thoughts on why Ryu Seung-beom is so unique!

  4. I’ve watched only very few of his projects. The only ones I’ve seen is Conduct Zero (so you don’t have to put me in this competition. not that I think I’ll win but I don’t really need the dvd), a Noh Hee-kyung drama he was in (not Solitude. the other one), Waikiki Brothers and recently Blood Ties. What I think is most unique about RSB is that he has this rawness(?) that I haven’t seen in any other actors. He looks like someone who is passionate but uncontrollable.

    I also think he’s a natural born actor. In my knowledge he didn’t receive a formal acting training and yet, he delivers such a believable performance every time, even in his early days of acting.
    I think this talent, combined with the rawness (I’m sure there is a better word for this out there), is what makes his acting genuine.

  5. “What I think is most unique about RSB is that he has this rawness(?) that I haven’t seen in any other actors. He looks like someone who is passionate but uncontrollable… I think this talent, combined with the rawness (I’m sure there is a better word for this out there), is what makes his acting genuine.”

    Hi amy

    Do you mean fire or fervor or even frenzy? ^^

    Oh my, you’ve watched Noh Hee-kyung’s Wonderful Days? I’ve always wanted to get my hands on this, just to see Ryu Seung-beom and Gong Hyo-jin together.

    Thanks for posting your thoughts (even though you do not need the DVD… ^^). I’ve really loved reading all the comments. Let’s have more!

  6. I guess I meant being untouched/wild, etc. by “rawness” (blame my poor vocabulary). And yes, I watched Wonderful Days but I was peeking in and out on it when my parents were watching it many many years ago. I don’t think it’s worth watching it just to see RSB and GHJ together because from what I remember there aren’t too many scenes that put them together and GHJ is more like a side character. RSB likes someone else during major part of the drama and he ends up with GHJ only toward the end so you would be disappointed if you’re expecting strong interaction between the two.

  7. Hi amy

    I don’t think I’ll get to watch Wonderful Days because it isn’t subbed in English, is it? I’m hopelessly dependent on subs. Unlike many people, I can’t watch anything “raw” because it drives me bonkers not understanding what the characters are saying.

  8. Okay, when I first saw the picture, I really don’t know him so when I search for his name & found out that he’s the dude in the action-funny-kinda-cool film Arahan (which I thought was a Chinese film because I’ve seen that long time ago when I was not yet all focus on Korean Hype) I decided to join…

    Version 1: RYU SEUNG-BEOM is unique because he belongs to my list of “true actors” who makes me want to watch his other films like Crying Fist & Bloody Tie just to appreciate a homo sapien’s talent, passion & dedication to his work.

    Version 2: RYU SEUNG-BEOM is unique because a site called thundie.wodpress.com made my interest to him rise to nth degree, hence I want to win his piece of work entitled “Conduct Zero”.

    Whew, hope you guys would understand my thoughts even though I might not win…(not really good in grammar) hihihi =)

  9. Hi Sly!

    Arahan is lots of fun, isn’t it? I watched it a long time ago, too. Perhaps I should do a rewatch so I can blog about it. ^^

    I’m really happy that you’re taking part in the giveaway. Good luck!

  10. Woah, Thundie you’re there… Hello!

    Yup, I really enjoy Arahan when i watched it before… I think I watched it twice, can’t really remember co’z I’d seen the film 3 or 4 years ago… I think I’m still in high school that time… whew implying that I’m a bit old now… hihihih

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