Episode 1 teasers: Hyena

How many Korean dramas do you know that are named after animals? And a carcass-loving, bone-crushing one at that.

Like most people who watch K-dramas, I feasted (and sometimes choked) on the offerings from the three main Korean TV stations: KBS, SBS and MBC. It never occurred to me that I could sample other cuisines until a good friend raved about a certain cable drama and even offered to translate it for our fansub group. So that was how I was introduced to Hyena (tvN, 2006).

Likened by some to Sex and the City, Hyena subverts the premise of the famous American version by having four men (Kim Min-jong, Oh Man-seok, Shin Sung-rok and Yoon Da-hoon) in the lead roles. The drama is frank, funny and smart. Okay, the honesty and humor can be rather risque at times and we don’t even have to wait a whole episode to see a few bed romps.

But you know what? The drama isn’t just about sex. Far from it, in fact. It’s about (male) bonding and falling in love, friendship and family, trust and forgiveness, hopes and fears. You’ll laugh often, but prepare the tissues because you’ll need them. Sometimes you may even find yourself crying and giggling at the same time.

So yes, I love Hyena. Not the spotted version roving the plains and scaring the birds with its blood-curdling laughter, but the one that I savored for sixteen episodes, smacking my lips all the way. Come revisit the first episode with me.

What “altercation” was Teddy privy to in this scene?

Why does So-mi look so shocked?

Is Jin-beom really grinning here or gritting his teeth?

No-brainer question:
Figure out the rule or stare at the questioner?

What is tickling Jin-sang’s funny bone this time?
(And would Mom approve?)

Quiz time! How many cups do you need to contain all the
Oh Man-seok awesomesauce overflowing in this episode?

Anyone remember what was Lesson No. 1?

“Conch” asked “Leech” to rip what up in this scene?

Emperor Qin Shi and Caesar ate a lot of what?
(Hint: Look at what Seok-jin is holding.)

What does Cheol-soo need to confess?

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  1. Wow Thundie,

    How on earth do you find the time!!!

    Great blog *two thumbs up*

    Cheers, E

  2. Awww, Hyena…^^ Oh, the memories.

    I miss Manzzang so much! 😦

  3. Hi E!

    How do I find the time? Hmm, I bartered my soul just to get an extra four hours a day.

    Nah… kidding. ^^ I blog when I don’t have subbing to do, and I simply watch less than I used to. I guess if we love something we’ll make time for it… and you know I love to prattle about Korean dramas and movies.

    Thanks for stopping by, my friend!

  4. Dahee, I know…

    I should put in my order for King and I, and you should catch up on Shin Don. That should tide us over until his next drama, you think?

  5. Yeah, that’s true. Still. 😦 Every day I’m waiting for news of his being cast in a new drama. It’s killing meeeeeee. 😦

  6. Hyena, how I miss thee! One of the wittiest kdramas I’ve seen and definitely one of my favourites. I grew to love all the characters including the incorrigible Jin Sang and his obsession.

    After watching this, I can’t bear to touch BBF with a 10ft barge pole or any pole for that matter.

    You are right, the male bonding is amazing and how they came through for each other really touch my soul.

    It’s truly for adults only and I do not mean it in a naughty manner. Babies should stick to BBF or something similar.

  7. I don’t like a man such a Jin Beom but I do love Oh Man Seok….now and forever.

  8. where do i watch this?!

  9. Hi korean drama fan

    I was planning to share Hyena download links last year but have managed only to upload three episodes so far:

    Episode 1

    Episode 2

    Episode 3

    I’ll try to upload the rest soon.

    English subs are available here:


  10. wow! thanks for the quick response! i tried to see the subs but computer couldn’t figure out what application to use to view them. do you know anywhere else online to watch with english subs? thanks so much 🙂

  11. Hmm, I don’t think you need any special application to view the subs. Click on the MU link, “save target as,” and save the subs as srt files in your Hyena folder (where you put the Hyena videos). Make sure you have renamed the subs so that they have the same name as your video. For example, since I’ve already renamed the video for Ep 1 as Hyena 01, you need to rename your subs as Hyena 01 as well.

    The Gom Player (or Media Player Classic or some other player) on your computer will automatically play the video and subs together.

    I managed to upload a few more episodes of Hyena and will do the rest this week (hopefully). I will then put the links up in a separate post. Alas, I have no idea where to watch this online with subs, sorry! Hyena was a cable drama and was not shown on the mainstream channels.

  12. omo, thundie… you actually uploaded them to mu! bless your kind heart! this very afternoon i just picked up my hyena dvd for 30 australian bucks. it’s not the money, i am willing to pay some legal money for Manzzang, and to somehow pay some tribute for all the blissful hours of free kdramas i’ve watched online. still i can’t help this bittersweet feeling, why oh why didn’t i find this blog earlier? my dvd copy has so-so bordering meh english subs and it looks like i will have to dl withs2 subs to go with it.

    • Dear Thundie! Last year, i was downloading slowly the episodes from your page and i was sooo glad to find them there everytime! Is it because M-U has been shut down that we can’t find the page anymore? Will u, by any chance, upload them somewhere else anytime? So sad, i was so close to finally watch them all ! (started watching it during holydays in HK and couldn’t find them anywere till your blog page).

      Anyway, Great blog! Keep up! 😉

  13. I got a copy of this a long time ago and the subtitling didn’t have that black outline so it was very hard to read a lot when the background was light.
    Reading, this, I’m going to give it another try! Thanks!


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