Two-word Sunday: So Ji-sub (and a movie giveaway)

In Episode 1 of Cain and Abel (2009), I was surprised by So Ji-sub‘s cute and cheerful character, Cho-in. As many of us know, his last two dramas were anything but comedic. Jisub is capable of playing funny, of course, but he’s most famous for playing anguished and brooding (I’m Sorry, I Love You, for example).

To celebrate this sunny side of my FAVORITE actor in his long-awaited comeback drama, let’s revisit some “old” (but still yummy) images.


Image 1

Image 2

In the reply box below, write a TWO-WORD CAPTION for one of the above images. You pick either Image 1 or Image 2.

Two fellow bloggers will help me select TWO winners, one for each image.

If your caption is picked, you will receive an English-subbed VCD of Jisub’s first movie, Steal It If You Can (ak.a. Can’t Live Without Robbery). If you have not heard of this 2002 movie, let me sum it up in two words:

HOT (Jisub, that is)

HILARIOUS (the movie)

As movies go, this one is quirky and loads of fun. It is also unexpectedly moving. So, comment away and let’s see your two-word captions! Closing date for your submissions is March 15, a week from today.


15 thoughts on “Two-word Sunday: So Ji-sub (and a movie giveaway)

  1. Hehe, eyeneni and rowjin, trust both of you to think of those captions. ^^ I know Jisub Addicts members become tongue-tied when looking at his pics. We’re too busy drooling!

  2. haha….here are my non-two word ones:

    Image One: “When cooking with Korean peppers, one should avoid touching the eyes.”

    “Even days after filming in the China desert wrapped up, SJS was still picking sand out of his eyes”

    Image Two: “After a grueling day of filming, SJS enjoys reading Thundie’s Prattle.

    Two Words:

    Image 1: “Damn contacts”
    or “Stupid script!”

    Image 2: “Aza!”

  3. can I vote mine?:

    image 2: simple and the nice one though it hurts to choose all..can I choose by repeating my vote again thunder? oh dear so sorry..’can’t help but to drool with those Idid not choose.. yeah final vote: image 2: very cute eyes!

  4. but wait thundie:!! I wanna get my fav. caps one last plss..
    I choose:

    Image 1 : my lips are sealed.. perfectly goddess human being..oopss.. yes! I love it!

  5. One more day!

    Let’s have more two-word captions so our judges will have a tough time picking the winners, bwahaha!

  6. aww this is cute Thunder!
    heh heh ok

    drum roll….

    Image 1:
    “Yes, dear!’

    Image 2:
    ‘Digging it”

    *crossing fingers*

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