Two-word Sunday: Jin Yi-han

Meet Jin Yi-han.

I first saw him in Mixed-up Investigative Agency, a little quirky gem of a drama, where he appeared in just one episode. Then I watched him again, as lead actor this time, in another 2007 gem, Conspiracy in the Court. The drama was perfect, and he was one of the reasons that made it so; there was just something so sweet and pure about his character. And his acting… Ah, such amazing and unforgettable acting indeed. He was the only reason why I decided to watch the 2008 drama Who Are You.

(By the way, don’t let this first image deceive you. He’s really a lamb. Check out the other pics to know what I mean.)


9 thoughts on “Two-word Sunday: Jin Yi-han

  1. YUMMY. 😀

    I kept laughing at the captions as I looked at one picture after another, and then I saw the “prize catch” one and immediately swooned so hard my neck nearly snapped. *heart*

  2. Jin 2 Han’s a CHAMELEON !
    In ‘Conspiracy…’, he was a lamb with the sad and innocent eyes. But in ‘Who Are You ?’, his eyes looked really EVIL !

    But you know what ? I like him with long hair and moustache most ! Maybe my taste’s peculiar ^^

    Now I’m waiting for J2H’s first film project – ‘Escape’. That’s an independent film directed by ‘No Regret”s Lee Song Hee Il. I hope this will be a turning point for the talented actor !

  3. Haha.

    I agreed with Non. His can really speak through the eyes. That what we called an actor. But no one can’t beat Sonick tough ( Am I out off topic?).

  4. But even with the “evil” eyes in Who Are You, he was still the villain we wanted to hug, right? How many villains make you go, “Awww… he’s so adorable…”?

    Oh, go ahead and gush about Sonick (So Ji-sub), haha. I’m the last person to mind!

  5. hi Thundie. i’m glad i found this blog. i love reading your comments about k-dramas. anyway, this guy is reallly cute in MBC drama About My Family. he’s not only cute but also funny. i watched WHO ARE YOU too and i wasn’t too impressed his acting but i like his role in this new drama.

  6. J2H was really funny in My Life’s Golden Age (All About My Family). But with a role which appears only about 5-10 minutes per episode, he had not much to do. And the drama’s boring!

    (But I have to say this again: He’s a chameleon!)

  7. After Jaejoong of course, he is my obsession. I ~LOVE~ him. Madly. And oddly enough he and Jaejoong are very close pals. What are the odds?? Be still, my ever so active, just-before-sleep imagination… 🙂

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