Episode 1 teasers: Bad Family

If you need a pick-me-upper, look no further than Bad Family (2006).

Centered around a fake family born of tragedy and threats, it’s a delightful combo of hilarious and heartwarming. Laugh-out-loud funny and touching in all the right places, this is a drama you won’t tire of. In short, it rocks!

Since I’ve been nostalgic lately for some of my old favorites, let’s revisit the first episode of Bad Family, shall we? See if you can remember these scenes.

Why is our ajusshi mad?

Why is Yang-ah in tears?

Guess: Catfight or old-fashioned loving?

Is “Look before you yell” an apt advice here?

Guess who talks the MOST in this drama?

Which sea creature was roped into this scene?

What got thrown out with the trash?

Which of the two choices posed less threat to life and limb?

A tamer version of The Chaser?

Who is in really BIG trouble now?

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  1. haha we just started watching this. I hear it is really good. One of the many dramas on my must-watch list.

  2. Oh yes, it’s really good! Hope to read your thoughts about the drama at Jisubaddicts… *wink*

  3. Honestly, I don’t remember most of these scenes ^^ . But, yes, this drama’s really good, really funny, really warm ! And Kim ajjusshi… ^^

  4. I should give this a try someday..

  5. Hehe, I called this BAD family the “Boisterous And Dandy” family ;p

    I only remember two scenes… the first pic adjussi is mad at Yang Ah in the fishing boat as she didn’t want to help him sth like that.

    The sea creature is of course the octupus –makes me crave for deep fried kalamari 🙂

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