Two-word Sunday: Ha Jung-woo

Have you watched anything of Ha Jung-woo yet? If you haven’t, I must warn you: PROCEED WITH CAUTION! He’s an itch that won’t go away, a hopeless addiction!

Once you have watched a Ha Jung-woo movie, you’ll keep craving for more. You’ll trawl the stores (in cyber or on concrete) looking for a new movie or drama. You’ll keep rewatching what you already have. You’ll mutter to yourself: “Such acting, such fine acting!” And then you’ll attempt to spread the itch to other people, oh no!


10 thoughts on “Two-word Sunday: Ha Jung-woo

  1. Tee hee, I love them all, but “Catch Me” makes me laugh. Because even when he’s running on one leg, no one catches him, no one. Hands down best actor of 2008.

  2. The ‘Class Act’… ^^ (Is that from Kumiho Family aka Fox Family ?)

    You’re watching Lovers In Prague now ? That’s the first time I saw HJW. I decided to watch it because of my favourite Jeon Do Yeon. But the drama left no impression for me, except the bodyguard ^^, although that was just a little role. I saw him, then I tried to look more his projects. And now, he’s one of my best actors !

  3. You know what. Since I read this post and your conversation with Dahee above, silly me I keep figure what drama is “Practically Perfect” and “Catch Me”. Haha. I keep goggling his projects. But then I come back here and laugh at myself. Both of you are talking about the pictures above.

    He is really a talented actor.

  4. Hi Non

    Yes, the “Class Act” image is from The Fox Family. I just heart Ha Jung-woo for doing this quirky and eccentric movie and for throwing his heart into it. Love, LOVE his singing!

  5. Oops, anastassia, sorry for leading you on!

    But “Practically Perfect” would be a great title for a movie where Ha Jung-woo plays himself, tee hee…

    Yes, he’s insanely talented.

  6. Okay, I’m officially joining the drool fan club here.

    I too first saw him in Lovers in Prague. He’s the best thing that happened in Prague. So cool and his expressions are to die for, especially the ending.

    He is the main reason why I watch HIT even though I didn’t find HIT all that good.

    Don’t you think that it is somehow a bit unfair that one man has it all, good looks and talent all in one?

  7. Hi morserachel

    Welcome to the HJW Drool Club! Help yourself to the free towels. 🙂

    You know why I dislike Lovers in Prague? Because the third fiddle’s appearance in some episodes is so fleeting I have to pay attention to every dang scene just so I don’t miss him when he does appear! That means having to put up with the first fiddle’s wild temper and the second fiddle’s weird cycling on the rooftop. The things I do for you, Ha Jung-woo.

    I liked HIT’s beginning and ending but not the middle. Still, I’ll always treasure it because that’s where I got HArpooned. I love, LOVE him in his movie roles the most.

  8. hey thundie
    i didnt know his name but I will never forget his face. i saw him on a random movie once and he played this psycho guy who kept killing all these people and then he got caught by the police and was held in detention for questioning but without evidence they let him go and meanwhile the first girl he thought he had killed ended up surviving and getting outside the house where he left her and she went down the street for help at a store and while she was waiting for the police he happens to drop by there like 5 mins before help comes and of course he kills her again and yeah – ever since I saw him like that – he scared the crap out of me. so the only itching I feel for this guy is hives cuz he terrified me for life. You could have a picture of him surrounded by babies and bunny rabbits and my teeth would still chatter from fear. 🙂 oh man now that I replayed that image of him in my mind I am scared again.
    maybe the next guy you feature will work out better for me and I can drool over him but just not this guy 🙂

    • Haha softy, that movie is The Chaser and HJW was absolutely brilliant in it!

      Thankfully, the first time I watched him (for real) was in H.I.T. where he played a most droolsome prosecutor and that was it, I was immediately smitten! I had seen him years before in Madeleine and Superstar Mr. Gam but his parts were so small they didn’t register at all.

      I collect all his dramas and movies because I just adore him to bits. Maybe you will… one day… too!! 😆

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