Two-word Sunday: Shin Sung-rok

In Hyena (2006), he was the guy who left his girl for a reason he could not reveal even to his closest friends. (That drama, incidentally, is one of the best offerings from Korean cable TV. If you’re below 19 years old, don’t watch it; if you aren’t, don’t miss it! Sweet, smart, funny, uplifting… I about floated out of my skin watching it.) In Thank You (2007), he again left his girl, this time not even realizing he had fathered a child with her.

Meet Shin Sung-rok, a theater-trained actor who’s at his best playing flawed and tortured characters. Known also as Rocky, he’s the second in our Two-word Sunday series. Enjoy!


6 thoughts on “Two-word Sunday: Shin Sung-rok

  1. Ah, Shin Sung Rok…I love him so.

    Y’know, he’s gonna be a regular on “We Got Married” now! I was skeptical at first when I heard he would be on the show, but after actually watching his first episode…*swoons* He’s just as sweet and hot in real life as he seems to be on the small screen. LOVE.

  2. Haha, I can’t imagine him being anything other than sweet and hot. Who is he paired with in WGM? I’m one of the weirdos who has not been watching this. ^^

  3. His partner is Kim Shin Young, a very popular and talented comedian:

    There was a lot of worry that whoever she got paired up with wouldn’t take her seriously because of her looks, but SSR was very, very sweet to her, and treated her with the utmost respect. Plus, he played some basketball! And he SANG for her!! *swoon* Seriously, my love for him went through the roof.

  4. He was supposed to grab something and meet me in the
    aisle, and I couldn’t find him, was trying to figure out where he went.
    He’s got to refrain from screaming like a little girl when a hit
    ball comes right at his face. Women should not sit and talk throughout the game or do not sit and talk on a cell phone –
    go to the lobby, outside, a bar, etc.

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