Two-word Sunday: Lee Min-ki

Experimenting with a new weekly feature: Two-word Sunday. I’ll post a series of pics, each with a two-word description. Let’s celebrate brevity!

First up is the actor who Kang Tae-bonged* me in Dal Ja’s Spring and turned me into a loony Minkiteer.**

*To be Kang Tae-bonged means to be swept off your feet by that dreamiest of dreamboats, Kang Tae-bong (from the drama Dal Ja’s Spring). A “spare tire” has never looked so attractive nor been more desired!

**The Three Minkiteers are Dahee Fanel, Jannah and Thunderbolt who translated, timed and edited (respectively) the English subs for Taereung National Village.

3 thoughts on “Two-word Sunday: Lee Min-ki

  1. THANK YOU! 🙂

    This two-word thingy is fun. I have lots of ideas swimming in my head. Plus I’m sure folks are relieved that “she’s finally giving us a break from her long-winded posts!”

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