The Quiet Family


Once upon a time, up in the mountains outside Seoul, there lived a quiet family: dad, mom, son, two young daughters, and an uncle. Six quiet people just minding their own business, which in this case was their lodge aptly called Misty Lodge.


They cleaned and scrubbed and eagerly opened their lodge. But alas, no lodgers came. Day after day, they waited outside their lodge, but because it was off the beaten track, the lodge might as well be invisible. The spirits of the family sank.

Then one day a lodger came. Oh, the family was so excited! Their first lodger! Their first 30,000-won lodger! But this lodger checked in and never checked out. The next day he was found dead.


Thus began a very puzzling and troubling pattern. Lodgers came and died. The bodies piled up.


It got so bad the family lost count of the bodies they had buried. And it was not just “bury and be done with it”; no, it was bury and rebury. The son and uncle got so good at the burial business they could even joke about it: “I can bury a body in 30 minutes now!” Hahaha.


For a movie with so many dead bodies and so much blood, you would think The Quiet Family (1998) was a horror movie. But no, this was one of the funniest Korean movies I had ever watched.  It was hysterical, the parade of dead bodies and the family’s vain efforts to fathom it all.  I loved its dark humor and just its overall quirkiness.


And look at the cast.  Park In-hwan as the dad of this quiet and oh, so funny family.  Na Moon-hee as the mother.  Song Kang-ho as their son.  Choi Min-shik as the uncle.  Jeong Jae-yeong as one of the lodgers.  And so on.  Awesome acting, all of them.


I giggled long after the last song and credits were over. Just thinking about it the morning after made me laugh out loud again. Don’t miss this!!


7 thoughts on “The Quiet Family

  1. Ohhhhh! So this is THAT movie! I always assumed that I never watched “The Quiet Family” because I didn’t recognize the title, but reading this post now, I realized that I’ve seen it! Many years ago, with my parents, when I was bored and had nothing better to do, and only half paid attention to the plot. I remember it being amusing. I also remember being chased out of the room after a certain point, so I never got to finish it. 😦

  2. Haha, I guess you got chased out because upcoming scenes must be unsuitable for young’uns. I watched this so long ago I’ve forgotten how it ends. But that cast… WOW.

  3. I rented this movie from netflix about a year ago, just for the cast. (and well, it’s a Kim Ji-woon movie as well) Song Kang-ho looks so much younger and everyone else too. Do you recall Jung Woong-in in this movie too? He played a “hunk” who seduces one of the daughters and ends up dead. The movie itself was a-okay but I enjoyed seeing all these wonderful actors. Song Kang-ho is so goofy and cute in this movie.

  4. Hi amy

    I watched this so long ago (in 2004, I think); most of the faces weren’t unfamiliar to me then. I should revisit it. Perhaps my thoughts about the movie would be different this time. Funnier… or not as funny? ^^

  5. Hi, thundie!
    You know what? My favorite Korean actor is not Ha JW actually. Song Kang Ho is still my number one. I first saw him in “Number 3”. but, I could not be sure he was such a good actor. But “Quiet Family” assured me to believe so. (Before him, Ahn Sung Ki was my #1 actor. Our Joyful Young Days and 깊고푸른밤 by director Bae Chang Ho in 1980s are best films in my teens.)
    I wathched this film many years ago. I remembered I laughed much at almost every scene Song appeared.

  6. Hi JW La

    I’m shocked that Ha Jung-woo is not your number one. Really, really? ^^ Yet you have such an amazing blog for him, and you update it so frequently.

    Song Kang-ho is a great actor. He’s so versatile and he owns every role. My favorite must be The Host. I love it when he acts with Park Hae-il.

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