Praise for The Chaser’s Ha Jung-woo

 He won award after award for Best Actor last year.  And no wonder.   Here’s a sampling of the accolades.


Complimenting the excellent narrative is some wonderful acting, especially from Jung-woo Ha as Young-min. He plays the role in an utterly deranged, yet very subdued manner that is absolutely chilling. This guy is much more frightening than any monster in a horror film could ever be.



Jeong-woo Ha, on the other hand, has a different kind of acting challenge in showing that classic, seemingly contradictory case of almost mild-mannered evil. Many heinous crime stories revolve around deranged people who are never suspected to be cruel by their neighbors because of their quiet, introspective nature and Ha is scary in balancing those two traits.



SO far this year both Heath Ledger’s Joker and Javier Bardem’s hitman Anton Chigurh have been hailed as the scariest movie psychos of all time.

But the truth is they are not even the most frightening characters you will see this year – that dishonour goes to prostitute-hating fiend Young-min in this harrowing South Korean thriller.

Unlike the “cool” Joker and Chigurh, Young-min is totally unappealing – an inadequate, blank young man played with an authentic lack of charm by Jung-woo Ha. That is what a real serial killer is like.

– The Sun, UK



8 thoughts on “Praise for The Chaser’s Ha Jung-woo

  1. Hi, thunderbolt!
    You are really deligent.
    And I’m surprised again that your interest to Korean culture is very deep.
    You seem to have strong desire to express your thoughts and feelings by writing.
    I envy your passion.
    And I must be lucky to meet you in fan blog.

  2. Hi JW La, my fellow HJW fan. Thanks for visiting!

    (Folks, JW La owns the BEST English blog for all things Ha Jung Woo, and it’s my honor to be a new author for the blog.)

    Yes, I love to rant and rave about kdramas and movies, and I’m lucky to belong to forums where others share the same passion. I’m constantly humbled by their opinions and knowledge.

    (Psst… as soon as I finish up some fansubbing work today, I’ll start on my first post for our Ha Jung Woo blog.^^)

  3. This guy really can act. And he has so much enthusiasm about acting. When did you become his fan? For me, I don’t even know when.. it just happened gradually and now I have watched most of his films, haha. (I haven’t finished watching Time and I don’t ever plan on watching Breath.. Kim Ki-duk’s films are too depressing and disturbing to me.) There are other actors I’m more into, and even they tend to have moments that make me think they should do some work to improve certain things, but Ha Jung-woo is one of those actors that seem to deliver consistent and solid performances every time, at least in movies (I have not seen HIT yet so I can’t comment on his acting in drama, which could be challenging for actors who have only done movies). I have so many good things to say about him but I’ll just leave at that I have a great respect for him as an actor. (And he’s also so cute and manly and tall.. *swoon*.. okay I’ll stop)

  4. Hey Amy, don’t stop gushing! ^^

    I discovered Ha Jung Woo in early Dec 2008 (I know, I’m so late!) when I watched H.I.T. and have been smitten since. Been on a crazy buying spree, trying to grab everything I can find of him, even buying multiple copies so I can spread the Ha virus to others.

    I’m planning to write a review of H.I.T. soon for the Ha Jung Woo Fan Blog. He’s wonderful in the drama, but he shines more in movies. He’s insanely talented and it’s humbling being his fan. I just can’t get enough of him!

  5. OMG !!!
    thundie, I’m really really really surprised because you’re a fan of Ha Jung Woo ! I’ve knew you for a little time (soompi, etc.). You ALWAYS share my opinion about dramas, films, actors,… You like Conspiracy (I LOVE IT !), you like Kim Myung Min, Jin 2 Han (or at least, you think he’s good, right ? – I’m his big fan !). And now, I know you love Ha Jung Woo ! (I’m still surprised ^^)
    As same as you, I discovered Ha Jung Woo a short time ago. But until now, I’ve watched 6-7 films of his. He’s definitely a ‘true actor’ who has a special and great choice of projects. The best young Korean actor I’ve ever knew !

    (sorry if my English’s not good !)

  6. Hi Non (I think I know who you are…)

    May I commend you on your impeccable taste? Haha… just kidding, but seriously I love your favorites!

    Yes, I absolutely ADORE Ha Jung-woo. He’s such a superb actor, isn’t he? *swoons*

    As for Jin Yi-han… Ahhh, do you see him in the blog header above? ^^ I’ll be blogging about him soon.

  7. Yes, Jung Woo’s superb. Thinking about his bright future – a ‘new Song Kang Ho’ ? ^^
    I’ve just watched ‘My Dear Enemy’. I’ll rewatch it because (truly…) it’s quite difficult to understand (or I’m not intelligent enough ?). Anyway, Jung Woo looks cute and different from other films. I love actors who always makes me surprised (like the ‘Park Sang Gyu’ in your blog header ^^).
    (Btw, do you like Ressurection and Uhm Tae Woong ?)

    Ah, how do you know me ? (surprised, again ^^)

    Almost forgot, if I’m not wrong, we share another favourite: Mr.X’s writting at TwitchFilm !

  8. Hi Non

    I’m guessing you are (the only) one who left a comment for me at soompi. Sorry if I’m mistaken, LOL.

    Oh, I LOVE Resurrection (see my “top 10 dramas” page). Mawang/The Devil as well. Have you watched that?

    Who’s misterX? ^^ Yes, I adore his writing. The person himself is pretty adorable too, haha. It’s an honor to work with him on fansubs.

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