Stir crazy

Am thinking of gathering all my kdrama and kmovie witterings over the last few years and parking them on this blog.  The substantive pieces only.  Of course, “substantive” in length, not depth!  (The former I’m brilliant at, the latter not at all, alas.)

The mere fact I’m even entertaining the thought can only mean one thing:


Someone please knock some sense into me before I become this:


2 thoughts on “Stir crazy

  1. Dear thundie,
    I was wondering where to post my thought. Now I know this is the place. I am feeling like either one , or even both of those green people right now.
    What do you do when you see a charming actor from Korean dramas and you can’t quite place his face or remember his name. Furthermore he is on a publicity interview for a new film or drama and it is all in Korean. Point is that there no spot for reference to look anything up. It is one of those things that wakes me up in the middle of the night.
    One day they will put English titles when they review Korean films and dramas and then I can at least look it up and find out the cast and maybe get a photo and EUREKA !! I’ll find my Korean hunk finally.
    Therefore I think your idea about this oarticular prattle is rather good. It would help to be able to wander through thoughts from you because you usually do names and titles and stuff that helps us.


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